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StatMed Urgent Care Center | Three Current And Prevalent Diseases

StatMed Urgent Care Center | Three Current And Prevalent Diseases

Three current and prevalent diseases: Coronavirus, Influenza and Sinusitis.

Coronavirus: Signs and Symptoms:
* Fever
* Cough
* Shortness of Breath

Influenza Signs and Symptoms:
* High Fever >101
* Significant Body Aches
* Dry cough
* Headache

Sinusitis Signs and Symptoms:
* Notable sinus pain (forehead and/or below your eyes)
* Pain worsens when bending over
* Productive nasal discharge or cough (Green, Brown or Yellow)
* May have mild fever
* Post nasal drip with cough

What precautions can be taken (applies to all of the above):
* These types of illnesses are generally transmitted via respiratory droplets. Keep distance from infected individuals, wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, nose and mouth.
* Clean surfaces at work and home with disinfectant or 10% bleach / water solution.
* Wearing a face mask will not prevent infection

When to seek help:
If you experience the symptoms listed above, consult your physician or urgent care center.

Who is at risk?:
The “at risk” groups that tend to have bad outcomes from influenza virus or the Corona virus are generally the elderly, pediatric or immunocompromised. These are the groups that are at risk for comorbid conditions such as pneumonia or cardiac strain. Early evaluation and treatment lessen the risk of developing these conditions due to the virus.

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