Scoliosis And Sleeping Positions

Scoliosis And Sleeping Positions

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Sleep is an important aspect of health and chronic sleep deprivation starts to present like depression, so there’s a strong connection between the two.

People with scoliosis often inquire what is the best sleeping position. Second they want to know if there a position that can counteract the effects of their spine curvature. The answer to the second question is an emphatic no.

For individuals with scoliosis the best sleeping positions are the same as for those without scoliosis; placing the spine in a neutral position to promote spinal alignment.

The best sleeping position is flat on the back. The next best position is on the side. Typically sleeping on the left side has some advantages as the heart is on the left side of the body and can help increase blood flow and facilitates the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Your worst position is to sleep on the stomach. This position offers no support for the back and neck and actually pushes the spine into a misaligned position.

Once again the best position is to always have the spine in a neutral position.

This article is for general information purposes only and is not medical advice. Consult your physician if you experience any symptoms related to this article.

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