Chest Pain Treatment in Clearwater, FL

Chest Pain at StatMed Urgent Care Clinic in Clearwater, FL. We Have the Experience and Equipment to Help you Identify and Treat the Source of Your Chest Pain. Call Us at (727) 205-0132.

Chest Pain Treatment in Clearwater, FL

Am I having a heart attack?

Chest pain is a frightening occurrence because there are many types of chest pain and related causes. StatMed Urgent Care can answer the question on the spot, because we have onsite labs for cardiac injury markers, EKG and X-Ray.

Cardiac injury markers used to be a lab test that was only available in expensive hospital ERs. Now the same tests can be done at Statmed in a fraction of the time and expense.

If it is your heart, we can begin treatment right away, have the results in minutes, and arrange emergency transport to a cath lab for intervention from a cardiologist.

If it is not your heart, we can handle that as well. We have the expertise and facilities to diagnose and treat other causes of chest pain such as pneumonia, heart failure, acid reflux, gall bladder, rib fractures, muscle strain and a host of other conditions.

Don’t waste valuable time or money going to an unqualified clinic; go to StatMed.