Doctors Near Me in Clearwater, FL

StatMed Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Has Doctors Near You in Clearwater, FL. Walk-In or Call Us Today at (727) 205-0132.

Doctors Near Me in Clearwater, FL

While life is certainly much easier when you have a specific schedule, injuries and illnesses rarely do you the kindness of setting up an appointment. Your primary care doctor may be perfect for yearly check-ups, but when you need immediate care, it may be difficult to schedule an appointment.  Waiting may not be an option if you are suffering from a life-threatening illness or injury. Instead of enduring the long waits and high costs of a hospital emergency room, receive prompt care with a visit to StatMed Urgent Care. If you’ve ever wondered, “Where is there a doctor near me?” then StatMed Urgent Care is the answer. Our board-certified physicians are available 7 days a week with no appointment needed. Our walk-in medical clinic is equipped to treat you for a variety of illnesses and injuries.

Any injury can be severe if it disrupts your daily life. It isn’t always the best idea to “walk it off” or “wait and see” if an injured part of your body begins to heal. By delaying treatment, you risk aggravating it or even causing permanent damage. Have our experienced doctors take a close look at your injury so we can give you the best treatment to heal as quick as possible. Some of the common injuries we see at our urgent care clinic in Clearwater, FL include:

  • Lacerations
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Broken Bones
  • Foreign Object Removal
  • Eye Injuries
  • Bug Bites
  • Dislocated Joints

Our experienced staff at StatMed Urgent Care treats the entire family, including our senior citizens living in the area. If an older loved one becomes ill or suffers an injury, a long wait in an emergency room is not ideal. Bring them to our urgent care center for prompt diagnosis and treatment. We can administer many of the needed medical screenings and tests to help keep them healthy and maintain their quality of life.  These include the needed vision and hearing tests to maintain driver licenses. We also offer regular senior check-ups and screenings for a variety of illnesses. Catching these conditions early only increases the chances of successful treatment. Is there a particular condition you’d like us to monitor for yourself or a loved one? Stop by today with no appointment and talk to our physicians or doctors and we’ll do our best to help.

StatMed Urgent Care also offers quick and confidential STD testing with no appointment required. Many STDs spread because neither partner knows they are infected in the first place. Protect not only your health but the health of your partner with regular testing for STD’s. Many are easily treated if caught early. However, these diseases rarely begin to show overt symptoms until they are in their advanced stages. Regular screening will find them allowing for a quicker and more effective treatment plan. You can rely on our confidentiality and judgment free environment. Our only goal is to get you healthy again, and we’ll work with you to achieve it. We do accept cash payments for testing if you wish for further confidentiality.

StatMed Urgent Care is open for your convenience Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. We accept most major insurances including AARP, Blue Cross, and Medicare. Visit our insurance page for a complete list of carriers we currently take. Don’t see your insurance company listed? Call our friendly staff today at (727) 205-0132, and we’ll be more than happy to research your options. Are you uninsured? Ask about our self-pay options. We look forward to serving you!