EKG in Clearwater, FL

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EKG in Clearwater, FL

Most Americans have come to understand that heart attacks often present with chest pain, but not many understand the multitude of illnesses that can cause chest pain that are not related to a cardiac condition. In addition, it has not been made clear to the public where you can go to be properly evaluated for chest pain symptoms.

Urgent care centers vary greatly in processes, procedures, expertise, equipment, supplies, and hours. StatMed has the full capability to accurately and swiftly diagnose and differentiate the causes of chest pain including a heart attack. Traditionally only hospitals could evaluate and detect the presence specific cardiac markers that are present in the blood stream following injury to the heart muscle (heart attack).

Statmed maintains a CLIA certified lab that includes cardiac enzymes which allow us to detect the same enzymes that formally only the hospital could do. The ability to monitor these labs, view chest x-rays and evaluate your EKG allow us to manage your medical concerns efficiently and effectively.

Typically speaking, a trip to the ER for evaluation of chest discomfort ends up with you being admitted to the hospital only to be eventually cleared with a stress test by an In-house cardiologist. This is slow, inefficient and costly. An average overnight stay in a cardiac care room is $50,000. Hopefully your insurance will agree to pay.

We have built a network of local specialists that expedite your additional cardiac evaluation by performing stress tests and echocardiograms, within the same 24 hour period, on our patients with “atypical chest pain”. The comparative cost is $2,000 -$3000 vs. $50,000.