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HRT & Weight Loss in Clearwater, FL

StatMed Urgent Care Offers an Array of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Weight Loss Services in Clearwater, FL. Call (727) 205-0132 Today For More Information.

HRT/ Weightloss in Clearwater, FL

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a specialized, and relatively new medical science that looks at the prevention of the disease process more so than, at the treatment of a disease. Think of your health as a house. Your hormones are the “foundation” of all cell creation. Without a solid foundation, all that rests on it are at risk for failure.

When we are young, our hormones are strong and plentiful, but as we age, those hormones decline and the disease processes begin. The medical art of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy focuses on replacing those hormones that we no longer produce. This keeps our foundation healthy and strong.

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