Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment at Urgent Care Clearwater, FL.

StatMed Urgent Care Is Well Equipped To Handle Your Immediate Medical Needs Following A Motor Vehicle Accident. Call Us Today (727) 205-0132.

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment in Clearwater, FL

Motor Vehicle Accidents create havoc in life: not only from potential injuries, but the potential for lost wages, costs of repairs, loss of transportation and the frustration of insurance interactions.

StatMed Urgent Care is well equipped to handle your immediate medical needs following a motor vehicle accident. The Emergency Medicine trained staff can perform a thorough evaluation, identify and diagnose your injuries, and treat them in house in a fraction of the time of an emergency room. We accept your auto insurance claim number so there are no “out of pocket” costs up front.

We have also created a network of local attorneys, chiropractors and other specialists that can assist you to ensure that you receive the benefits that you are entitled to from your insurance company: including lost wages, rental car coverage, and medical bills.

Know where to turn when an accident strikes? Turn to StatMed.