Pediatric Care in Clearwater, FL

Pediatric Urgent Care at StatMed Walk-In Clinic in Clearwater, FL StatMed Urgent Care Treats Children of all Ages 7 Days a Week. We accept walk ins! Call Us Today at (727) 205-0132.

Pediatric Care in Clearwater FL

Having a sick child is difficult for the entire family; often leaving you feeling helpless and frightened. You are not alone; StatMed is here to help. Our staff is trained in emergency medicine, and skilled in handling all pediatric problems in a calm and caring way.

Children are not “little adults”, and thus require a unique approach to their care, in order to calm their fears, and get them back to smiling and playing.  Ill and/or injured children often present in ways that are unique and quite different than adults and thus require a customized skill set, equipment and evaluation techniques in order to appropriately diagnose and treat them.

If your little one suffers from the common cold and sniffles, or simply needs a physical, we are here for them. StatMed employs practitioners who are trained in emergency medicine and adhere to emergency medicine practice guidelines as they pertain to the treatment of pediatric patients. The ability to perform on-site emergent lab tests, obtain stat x-rays, institute IVs for rehydration, pain management or anti-emetics separates StatMed from the recent emergence of other urgent care centers including hospital based urgent cares.

Furthermore, consider how frightening it must be for a child to be ill or injured, and have to be exposed to the inner workings of a typical emergency room setting. Our facility is clean, state of the art and most of all …. Calm and Caring. Your frightened child will leave with a smile!

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