Senior Care at Urgent Care Clinic Clearwater, FL

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Senior Care at Urgent Care Clinic Clearwater, FL

For the older members of your family, a trip to the emergency room can be a very jarring experience. Besides the high medical costs associated with a visit, they will have to wait hours before being treated in an often noisy, unpleasant waiting room. Skip the wait and visit StatMed Urgent Care for immediate senior care. You won’t sacrifice top notch care, but you will often spend a fraction of what it would cost to go to an emergency room. Our experienced board-certified physiciansare able to treat many of the minor illnesses and injuries seniors suffer. No appointment is ever needed to see one of our providers or access any of our services.

If an older love one comes down with an illness or suffers a minor injury, bring them to our walk-in urgent care clinic for prompt treatment. We have a digital x-ray onsite that allows our doctors to see ny broken bones have occurred from an accidental fall. We will of course forward any images to a primary care doctor if requested. If they are suffering from a stubborn cold, our onsite lab will be able to test for flu or strep throat. An accurate diagnosis will lead to a quicker recovery. No appointment is ever needed to get care for the senior citizens in the Clearwater, FL area.

Our staff can also provide the medically physicals and screenings needed for local senior citizens. We can administer vision and hearing tests for those wishing to maintaintheir driver’s license. If you are concerned about your blood sugar or cholesterol levels, come to our clinic for rapid result testing. After a short wait we can give you the answers to many of your questions without sending you to another location for sample collection and testing. Is there a specific condition you would like to monitor or help manage? Call our friendly staff today or visit our facility to talk one on one with someone to determine what we can do for you.

StatMed is here to help you maintain ahigh-qualitylife as you get older and enjoy retirement. Maintaining your health is key to living life to its fullest. This means having regular checkups and screenings to catch any illnesses or diseases early, so they can be treated effectively. Many conditions senior citizens end up suffering from don’t have any overt symptoms until they are in their advance stages. Regular screenings will identify them early, making it much easier as well as much cheaper to treat. No appointment is needed, so there are no excuses to delay a visit for a thorough medical checkup.

StadMed accepts most major insurances, including Medicare. Visit our insurance page to see the list of carriers we currently work with. Are you uninsured? Ask about our discounted self-pay rates. Don’t see your insurance listed? Call our facility today at 727-205-0132