Urgent Care Center Near McMullen Booth Road Clearwater FL

If You Have a Minor Emergency but Don’t Want to Go Wait in a Long Line at the ER, Then StatMed Urgent Care Center Is the Place for You! Just Walk in Today to Be Seen by One of Our Urgent Care Doctors or Physicians. We Have Years of Experience in Emergency Medicine. Located at 27001 US Hwy 19 N, Ste 1033B, Clearwater, FL 33761. Call Us at (727) 205-0132 – Open 7 Days a Week.

Urgent Care Center Near McMullen Booth Road Clearwater FL

Does the very idea of having to go to an emergency room just seem completely overwhelming to you? Have you or a loved one been in a situation involving a minor medical emergency and wondered if it was really worth it to go to the emergency room? Thankfully hospital emergency rooms are not the only option for the non-life threatening medical emergencies you or your family might have. If you live in the Clearwater Florida area than did you know that there is an Urgent Care Center providing exceptional medical care right near you? StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic is the place for you and your family. We have a team of medical professionals who have years of experience with medical emergencies, and they are located right here near McMullen Booth Road. Did you know that there are numerous advantages to taking your family to an Urgent Care Center instead of a hospital emergency room?

What is the StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic advantage that your family should know about?

Most often a visit to the hospital emergency room at the local hospital can mean hours and hours of waiting before you, or a family member, is even seen by a physician. No doubt you just do not have time to be sitting around waiting, and you especially do not feel up to that when you are sick or suffering from an injury. Many families also have to consider the cost involved in a trip to the hospital emergency room. These visits can leave you with very high medical bills that you might be paying on for years to come. While hospital emergency rooms do play a vital role in life threatening emergency situations, they are not the only options for non-life-threatening emergencies. StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic is here to provide you and your family with professional medical care from doctors who have been extensively trained in Emergency Medicine. No appointment is necessary, and you will be seen by a knowledgeable doctor and medical team right away. Another one of the many StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic advantages is that we offer this outstanding medical care to you at a cost that is substantially lower cost than an emergency room. Why not take advantage of the medical services at the StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic the next time you are faced with a minor medical emergency!

Why trust StatMed Urgent Care Clinic for all of your non-life-threatening medical emergencies?

When you, or a member of your family, is faced with any minor medical emergency your top priority is to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. We couldn’t agree with you more! Our trustworthy medical staff is committed to seeing to it that each patient immediately receives the necessary medical attention they need and deserve. The physicians at StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic have years of experience and have been highly trained in the field of emergency medicine. We offer Urgent Care medical services for illnesses and injury to patients of all ages, from pediatric care to senior care. Here at our clinic we are equipped for any minor medical emergency with state-of-the-art medical resources. We have X-Ray services and an on-site laboratory to be able to quickly provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Illness and medical emergencies don’t happen at convenient times or places, but the StatMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic is open 7 days a week with extended hours for our patients. We are ready to help when the unexpected happens. Give us a call at (727) 205-0132, or simply walk-in today and be seen by one of our Urgent Care doctors or physicians. You can find us conveniently located at 27001 US Hwy 19 N, Ste 1033B, Clearwater, FL 33761.