Urgent Care Services

X-Ray On Site

a doctor checking a patient's x-ray

StatMed Urgent Care maintains on-site digital X-ray as well as Certified Radiology Technicians in order to produce the highest quality imaging available in an urgent care. This alleviates the need to have to travel to another medical facility in order to acquire imaging and then return for treatment. Our practitioners can perform immediate interpretations of the images in order to accurately diagnose and treat you.

a doctor checking a patient's x-ray

CLIA Certified Lab Testing On Site

2 vials of blood used in lab testing

StatMed Urgent Care maintains an on-site CLIA certified Lab which allows practitioners to order and obtain emergent lab results in house. Complete blood counts, chemistry panels, urine analysis, cardiac enzymes and a host of other tests are available which not only assist in the diagnosis and treatment of complicated illnesses, but also help to create a unique platform to keep patients out of an ER and certainly out of needless hospital admissions. StatMed Urgent Care is the only pre-hospital facility that performs these tests. Competitors routinely send 40% of their patients to an emergency; StatMed only sends 1%.

Pediatric Urgent Care

a doctor performing a routine physical checkup on a child

Pediatric care requires a unique approach and special training to be able to properly manage ill or injured children. They are not just “small people” and cannot be treated as such.

All StatMed Urgent Care practitioners are Emergency Medicine trained and are skilled in evaluating and treating acute injuries and/or illnesses in both adult and pediatric patients. Most urgent care centers employ primary care providers or residents in order to save money. You and your children deserve the best pediatric care available.

a doctor performing a routine physical checkup on a child

Geriatric Care

a nurse taking an old man's blood pressure
Urgent Care & Walk In
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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

a car that has been damaged in the rear from a motor vehicle accident

People have been groomed by marketing that the first thing they should do after a motor vehicle accident is to call an attorney. It is crucially important to seek legal representation as soon as possible in order to avoid being manipulated and taken advantage of by an insurance company however, tend to your medical needs first. Most urgent care centers are not competent or trained to properly evaluate MVA patients.

StatMed Urgent Care practitioners are all Emergency Medicine trained and are well equipped to diagnose and treat injuries related to motor vehicle accidents and at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room which leaves money available for future medical care.

a car that has been damaged in the rear from a motor vehicle accident

Worker’s Compensation

a stock image of a construction worker helping his injured colleague

Worker’s Compensation injuries can be costly to both the employer and employee. Many employees do not realize that they will only receive 60% of their wages while out on Worker’s Compensation leave. This can be devastating to their financial well-being.

StatMed Urgent Care works closely with most Worker’s Compensation Carriers and is skilled with treating patients aggressively with the goal to get people back to work and back to full pay.



There are not many acute illnesses that are as miserable and debilitating as vomiting and/or diarrhea. People become dehydrated faster from diarrhea than any other form of fluid loss. The effects can last for weeks if trying to rehydrate by oral hydration alone.

StatMed Urgent Care cannot only introduce effective medications to cease vomiting, but can intravenously (IV) rehydrate patients and perform in-house labs to evaluate for infection, kidney functions, and electrolyte imbalance or urinary tract infections.


Abdominal Pain

a man holding his stomach in pain

Abdominal pain is a frequent complaint presented to urgent care centers and can be difficult to diagnose due to the complexity and the vast number of illnesses that can cause abdominal pain. Differentiating abdominal illness requires blood work analysis, urine analysis, x-rays, and a thorough exam. Most urgent care centers are ill-equipped to be able to diagnose and treat etiologies responsible for abdominal pain. Thus, they collect your money, perform a “pseudo” exam, and send you to an emergency room for proper evaluation and treatment.

StatMed Urgent Care is well equipped and maintains emergency medicine trained providers in order to diagnose and treat complicated high acuity illnesses without having to send you to an emergency room. Urgent care centers are not all alike…know what they have to offer.

Chest Pain

a man holding his chest in pain

Chest pain is a frightening experience for anyone and can be caused by a number of etiologies such as infection, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax, musculoskeletal injuries, and sometimes cardiac in nature. If you are experiencing a sudden onset of crushing chest pain, call 911 immediately.

Many people experience chest discomfort that is slow, nagging, and difficult to discern. StatMed Urgent Care is the only pre-hospital clinic in the area that can perform specific tests to help to determine the cause of your chest pain. On-site X-ray, EKG, acute labs (including cardiac enzymes, which specifically detect cardiac cell damage), and Emergency Medicine trained practitioners. We can properly evaluate and treat “atypical” chest pain and often avoid exceptionally costly hospital stays.

a man holding his chest in pain

Fever Management

a man with a fever checking his temperature with a thermometer

Fevers are a part of one’s immune or defense system and are often an early alarm of impending illness. In both adult and pediatric patients, fevers indicate an infection or response from your body to a viral or bacterial infection. The degree of the fever is exceptionally helpful to the examining practitioner, so having an accurate thermometer at home and documenting the temperatures, duration, and associated symptoms will be of great value.

Do not ignore fevers! Treat them with antipyretics and seek medical attention at StatMed Urgent Care.

Fracture Treatment

a fractured hand wrapped in bandage

Fractures and broken bones require immediate medical attention in order to heal properly. The exact treatment options can vary depending on the location and severity of the fracture. If you’re dealing with a fracture, you need to see a trained medical expert as soon as possible. At StatMed Urgent Care, our medical professionals are trained to provide expert fracture treatment. Walk-in’s are welcome here, so you can get the care you need as soon as you can. 

a fractured hand wrapped in bandage

Influenza, Strep, & Mono Testing

a woman massaging her sore throat
Influenza Testing

When flu season comes around, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Influenza is a viral infection that can cause respiratory symptoms, fever, body aches, and possibly vomiting and diarrhea. Fortunately, if diagnosed early, there is an antiviral treatment called Tamiflu that can reduce the severity and duration of symptoms. If you’re not feeling well, come to StatMed for evaluation and influenza testing.

Strep Testing

As most people know all too well, strep throat is no small deal. Strep throat is a bacterial infection and symptoms of strep include sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing, headaches and more. Sometimes the line between strep throat and other conditions can be blurry, which is why you should get yourself tested as soon as you suspect you might have it. StatMed offers strep testing and treatment to get you feeling like yourself again.

Mono Testing

Mononucleosis is also called Epstein Barr Virus and causes typical viral symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, fever, body aches, fatigue, and a sore throat that can be mistaken for strep infection. Most people get Mono while they are young. Testing includes the rapid Monospot Test which requires a few drops of blood from a finger stick. The test takes about 15 minutes. Although there is no cure for Mono, it is important to differentiate from other infections due to the possibility of rare complications, especially in young athletes.

a woman massaging her sore throat

Wound Care

a health practitioner wrapping a mans wounded wrist

If you’re injured, you probably don’t have time to sit around in the E.R. When you need immediate medical attention for your wounds, visit an urgent care clinic instead. At StatMed Urgent Care, we can tend to your wounds in a timely manner.

Laceration Repair

When left untreated, cuts and lacerations can quickly become worse, and even run the risk of infection. At StatMed Urgent Care, we provide laceration repair, so your wounds can heal as soon as possible.

Abscess Drainage

An abscess is a collection of infection that the body has walled off to protect itself. The only appropriate treatment for abscess is drainage because antibiotics alone usually can’t reach the infection and get rid of it. After drainage, some larger abscesses may require wound packing and follow-up in addition to oral antibiotics. All of these services are provided by staff trained in emergent wound care at StatMed Urgent Care.

IV Antibiotics

doctor injecting IV into patient's arm

In most cases, infections can be easily and safely treated with antibiotics taken by mouth. In rare circumstances, bacterial infections may progress to the point of requiring IV antibiotics. A careful history taking and exam, as well as some lab tests, may determine the need for IV antibiotic therapy. We carry broad spectrum IV antibiotics to cover most types of bacteria.

doctor injecting IV into patient's arm

COVID RT-PCR Rapid Antigen Testing

We provide send-out laboratory COVID-19 PCR testing for both diagnosis as well as screening for surgical procedures or travel.
Our COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing is performed similarly to rapid influenza testing and takes 15 minutes to complete.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Our COVID-19 antibody test uses a few drops of blood from a finger stick and tests for two different antibodies: IgM and IgG.

IgM antibodies rise to detectable levels about the end of the first week of COVID symptoms and disappear after about one month from initial symptoms. IgG antibodies rise during the second week of symptoms and remain detectable for about eight months, but this varies from person to person.

The antibody test takes about 15 minutes to run.

STD Testing

At StatMed we offer send-out STD testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and a few other bacterial infections of the urogenital tract. We do not offer HIV testing.